Hello to the person reading this blog! First of all, thank you for visiting my page. I was confused about what to type for my first post and I thought why not I let you guys know why I started this blog!

I am Sre Lakshmi Gaythri ( a.k.a SLG, Lakme). I’m just a crazy, happy, 17 year old Indian. I recently came to New Zealand to study and I’m in high school. There you go, that’s something about me in 3 short sentences.

I’ve always had a passion for a lot of things. I love food ( who doesn’t!? ), fashion, cooking, art, dance, music, photography… the list goes on. When I was 11 years old I dreamt of pursuing careers in all of these fields. That isn’t really possible, is it? I can’t have so many full-time careers! Apart from this, I do have other hobbies like reading (books are the best!), gardening and crafting. In the end, I decided to study Food Technology ( it was so hard for me to make that decision; I’ll tell you about that someday).


Even though I made a desicion, I wasn’t ready to let go of other interests. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to have a youtube channel. I wanted to post craft and DIY videos on that channel, but I never got the chance to start it. In 2016, I came across two Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram – @sejalkumar and @thatbohogirl. Their work inspired me to do videos and blog about fashion, food, travel, art, dance… Basically, all my interests put together! But sadly, that was the year I entered my 11th grade and you know how it is in India: extremely stressful during the last two years of school. I hardly got time to do extra fun stuff!

After 11th grade, I came to New Zealand. I was starting to become lazy because of all the free time I get here. I wanted to do something about it and I thought, why not start blogging now? So I started an Instagram account for blogging in March and started posting pictures on that account ( @thedesigirl.slg ). I have been trying many ways to improve my content. And about 4 days back I started to think, instead of blogging just on Instagram, having an actual blog would be great. I immediately created a blog and here I am, typing my first blog post, starting this journey: the journey of THE DESI GIRL.

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